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Have you ever wanted to get a great looking fresh form online? Managing the CSS, the styling, the responsive elements, is a nightmare.. It’s complicated.. Thankfully the genius behind www.FreshForms.com  has made that super simple for you. You can style your form code, and in 3 simple steps have a great looking form online. They’ll […]

Skype Call Recorder

If you want to record you skype calls, which is a great way to create podcast, quality content and interviews, then Skype Call Recorder is our recommendation. Just make sure to do this legally.. in the country and jurisdiction you’re in. http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/

Carbon Copy Cloner

If you have a laptop .. or any computer.. you will eventually want to make sure things are backed up. The software we wish we’d used before.. the crashes we’ve suffered is Carbon Copy Cloner. https://bombich.com/  

Launched :)

Many thanks to the team at the VIPlaunchparty.com for giving us the support to launch http://thetoolsthatmadethedifference.com/ We’ve been inspired by BuckyIsBack.com and the great works that are now possible and through the showcases of Sharing Our Solutions, and so here we want to curate the tools that we really do believe can make the difference.